Saturday, September 7, 2013

The World Needs More Vegan Blogs, Right?

'Sup, vegans? In my quest to make the best food for my family, I am always trying new recipes, tweaking old ones, and of course, making my family's favorites. This blog is my way of documenting what works for us, what doesn't, and the basic nutritional information for everything since I'm a calorie-counter and I wish more blogs did this for people like me. :)

The menu for the week ahead  (in no particular order) is: 

* Mushroom stroganoff with steamed broccoli
* Tacos
* Shepherd's pie with simple salad
* Lentil soup with garlic drop biscuits
* Sweet & Sour stir fry with brown jasmine rice
* Pasta primavera

I'm only planning 6 meals because I have a volunteer night next week and I usually just microwave leftovers or something glamorous like that on those nights. 

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